Family Portrait Locations near Brampton

Brampton is my home town (ok, so its my adopted home town) which has some great locations within easy reach for family portraits.

Talkin Tarn

The Tarn is a popular destination for everyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle; runners (of all abilities), walkers and rowers to name just a few. The Tarn  lends itself to some great photographs with the tarn itself as the backdrop, the Bird Hide and the wooded areas. If the cafe is open, we can pause for 10 minutes and enjoy a latte and a slice of cake.

Talkin Tarn is a great location for couples and families
Talkin Tarn is a great location for couples and families

The best time to go to the tarn is early evening, as the sun is starts to fall it enhances the light and produces a beautiful golden glow. Of course, I can’t guarantee the presence of the Sun in Cumbria! And if the sun us setting, this makes for fantastic romantic pictures of you and your partner.

Moat Hill

Just outside the town centre, Moat Hill is the most prominent feature that can be seen from almost anywhere in town. Walking up the wooded tracks to the top of the hill leads to the statue of William Howard resides where you can have a well earned rest. Kids will enjoy the walk up and love the run back down and your session can be rounded off in Murray Park.

Moat Hill Brampton
Moat Hill makes a great location for family portraits

Gelt Woods

Gelt Woods was used by the Romans to quarry stones for Hadrian’s Wall. It is a fantastic location for photo sessions, especially if you have pets. A sturdy pair of walking shoes is highly recommended as some of the paths can get boggy. There are some open spaces where kids and pets can run around to get some great photos.

Pet Photography on location in North Cumbria

Quarry Beck, Lanercost

Quarry Beck is one of the hidden gems, situated between Brampton and Lanercost, Bluebells adorn the woods alongside the beck during spring. The beck meanders down until it reaches a waterfall, just before it reaches the River Irthing at Abbey Bridge. At Abbey Bridge we can take a few relaxed shots before heading on to Lanercost Tea Rooms for a well earned cuppa!