Pirelly Rally finishes in Brampton

The official finish of the 2017 Pirelli International Rally was held in Brampton on 30 April, with Fredrik Ahlin the overall winner (below).Fredrik Ahlin, Winner of the Pirelli International Rally celebrates his win

Brampton was packed for the ceremonial finish to the rally and wouldn’t have been complete without the town crier.

Brampton's Town Crier at the Pirelli Rally

Big names were also in town, the rally attracted the media both local and national, with F1 and motorsport guru Tony Jardine reporting on the Rally.

Tony Jardine reporting on the rally

The stars of the day were the cars, not all in one piece I hasten to add! Skoda took the top spot with Fredrik Ahlin and they finished with 4 cars in the top 8!

You can see more pictures from the rally in gallery. If you see yourself in there, please feel free to download it and share the picture with your friends on Facebook.

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