Rally Time

Motor racing has always intrigued me, the from the high speed drama of Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. Unfortunately living in the far reaches of the north-west of England means that motor sport events are few and far between, so when I heard there was a time trial stage in Brampton, I was compelled to walk down with my camera in hand.

This wasn’t the WRC with their fast powerful cars, this was the Blue Streak Targa Rally hosted by Spadeadam Motor Club. everyone taking part gave it their all, and from their faces you can see they were enjoying every minute of the competition.

Targa RAlly Competitor
Targa Rally

Last year I attended a sports photography seminar hosted by Gary Bailey who has won commissions for the likes of Ducati. His training was put to good use and I quickly remembered everything that he taught me – almost!

Enjoy the pics – click here for the full gallery