Talkin Tarn with Mark and Louise

Mark and Louise wanted a new set of images to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, so where better than Talkin Tarn Country Park?

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Talkin Tarn holds special memories for the Mark and Louise, so the location made perfect sense, great for the dogs to get some exercise too.  Fortunately the weather improved throughout the day giving us clear skies, the lowering sun provided some great light.


Killer at Prom Night

When Shadow Vision first got in touch with me, they wanted a set of group shots which we did a couple of weeks ago.  At our first meeting, they described a scene to complement their forthcoming single, Killer at Prom Night.

The idea was simple, the execution of the whole project wasn’t without it’s problems.  The original location the band chose was a storage yard in Carlisle, but the owners wanted to charge the band for the time we’d be using it.  So after a quick rethink we settled on the site of a converted old factory near the centre of Carlisle where the band practice. The courtyard is narrow and combined with the old metal windows and tall imposing Victorian brickwork, perfect for the scene.  But it was Saturday and the clubs that operate from the building were in full swing, with people coming and going all the time.  Not ideal.

We found a spot out of the way and got everything set up, ready to pop the guys on to the ‘set’ and click the shutter – it turns out we were in the way so had to move on!  Another spot was quickly found, and with no through route and no signs of use – other than to dump rubbish – we set up again.  The lads were great and really got in to it, helped along by the model for the day, Katy, who was playing the part of the femme fatale.

Looking for a dark shot, I was concerned that a rare occurrence of blue sky had broken out, and the sun was shining strong.  Careful positioning ensured the band were out of its harsh light.  Katy’s job was to kill the band having lured them from the prom – following the title and the lyrics of the song – with a rather sharp knife with fake blood dripping off it.

Carlisle band, Shadow Vision's 'Killer at Prom Night'
Carlisle band, Shadow Vision’s ‘Killer at Prom Night’

Shadow Vision!

Introducing Shadow Vision, a new Carlisle based band!  I took the lads to Rickerby Park near Eden Bridge in Carlisle, just outside the city centre for their photo session.  We had a blast trying out different ideas to create a set of images that were not run of the mill posed band photographs they’ve seen.  We have another shoot which we’re really looking forward to, it includes chairs, rope, a femme fatale and a bloody knife – I hope its not me that they’re planning to do away with!

The collage below is just a small sample while I work on the remaining images.

Carlisle based band, Shadow Vision
Carlisle based band, Shadow Vision